Can I apply as an individual? What price do I pay?

Australian Progress exists to strengthen the capacity of civil society, so the fellowship is primarily for individuals working in civll society organisations. Typically those organisations pay all or most of the fee, with fellows occasionally paying for a portion themselves, demonstrating their own personal commitment.

If you are employed (receiving a salary of any type) in an organisation or company, the fee is set on sliding scale based on the on your organisation's staff budget, even if you are paying for the fellowship (partially or entirely) yourself. We usually require employers to make at least some financial contribution, to demonstrate their commitment to the fellow’s professional development.

Fees vary across the various fellowships, reflecting the length and location of retreats, number of seminars and facilitator travel. The smallest organisations pay about $2,250 - 2,750 and the largest non-profits $4,250 - $4,650.  

If you are not currently employed, or if your work with an organisation is entirely voluntary/unpaid, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. Such places are limited in number. In some circumstances if you are not offered a scholarship place we may offer you a place at an alternate fee. Scholarships discount the fee to $1,200 - $1,500 depending on which fellowship.

What is the time commitment for the program?

The program is designed for people in full time work, however it is a rigorous program requiring a significant time commitment. The face to face time commitment is outlined in the summary page for each fellowship program. We expect fellows to be available for every retreat and seminar when they apply and commit to the program - though we will make exceptions for high calibre applicants with pre-planned travel or other critical commitments.

Recognising that fellows have demanding jobs, and other needs and responsibilities, fellows who attend 80% of the seminars and retreat time can graduate.

In addition to the formal face-to-face time, fellows put in 3-5 hours per week over the fellowship for reading, written reflections, preparing presentations, meeting with their live campaign team or working on their live campaign.

Attendance at the opening retreat

The opening retreat is essential. We require at least 80% attendance, which means typically missing one or two weekly seminars is acceptable, if it is absolutely necessary. If you have commitments which you know will affect your attendance, but still want to apply, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss. We have previously accommodated fellows' travel and other commitments.

You’re probably perfect! The program is designed for mid to senior level staff, or ‘fast track’ emerging leaders. Often, participants in our program have recently been promoted into a senior role and are looking to broaden their skills. The program has included people with titles such as Deputy CEO, as well as Director, Manager and Coordinator, but we've also had Executive Directors and Chiefs of Staff, as well as Campaigners and Organisers.

Let us be the judge! Each year, we consider the applications we receive as a whole and work hard to develop a balanced group.

AM I too Senior or Junior for this program?

Fill out your application here. You'll need to answer a few questions in short paragraphs - there's a word limit, and provide some details about your work experience and education.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

How do I apply?