Content Overview

The program covers a deep dive into best practice campaign strategy approaches and tools, messaging, framing and communications strategy and practices, lobbying and direct advocacy to decision-makers, community organising, digital campaigning tools, media engagement, and civil disobedience. 




  • Campaign strategy, approaches and tools
  • Detailed Case Studies of major campaigns from the people who ran them
  • Story Based Strategy


  • Approaches and models of organising your members and supporters
  • Detailed Case Studies
  • Practical organising skills for recruitment, relationships and leadership development.


  • Elements of successful digital advocacy, engagement and fundraising campaigns
  • Practical workshops on email and social media best practice
  • Case Studies and Examples

 engaging Decision makers

  • Target Centred Campaigning
  • Navigating Parliament and lobbying politicians
  • Briefing and meeting decision makers


  • Introductions to framing and language analysis
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Message testing at all scales and budgets
  • Case Studies from practitioners

media skills

  • Media and communications strategy
  • Broadcast media interview skills
  • Approaches and practical skills to drive strategic media coverage that reaches your audience